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The Bridging the Gap project aims:

To develop in pre-service science teachers a deep and solid understanding of the connections between theoretical science knowledge and its application in society through immersion in authentic experiential learning in an industry environment.

To increase pre-service science teachers’ capacity to innovate new approaches to learning and teaching in secondary schools, associated with creative problem solving, a spirit of enterprise and contemporary science in meaningful contexts.

To positively impact secondary school students’ perceptions of STEM as a creative enterprise thus increasing the likelihood that they will pursue STEM careers.

For more information about the project
Email the project team bridgingthegap@flinders.edu.au
or call 08 8201 3480

Entrepreneurship is an economic activity requiring attention to the framework conditions for business creation and growth. But more importantly it is a human endeavour, requiring attention to the way that our attitudes are shaped, our skills developed, our networks formed. And so it is inseparable from education – not independent of it.

Chubb, 2015 Boosting High-impact entrepreneurship in Australia


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